1. Open Lightroom and click on the Lightroom tab in the top left corner of the screen
2. Click 'preferences'
3. Click 'Presets'
4. Click 'Show Lightroom presets folder...'
5. Open the 'Lightroom' zip folder
6. Open the 'Develop Presets' folder
7. Drag your presets into the Develop Presets' folder
8. Close Lightroom
9. Re open Lightroom
10. Highlight one of your images in Lightroom and click the Develop module (or click 'D' as a shortcut)
You will see the Presets on the left.



Q. What are Mobile Presets? 

A. Our mobile presets are instant filters which you can apply to your images. Sometimes it’s difficult to find time to edit using a laptop, especially when travelling. Our mobile presets are the easy solution as they allow users to quickly edit their photos in seconds using only their phones. The image below shows how the presets will look on your phone. You can quickly tap through each of them to find which one works best on each individual image.

 Q. Which app do I need to use your mobile presets?  

A. Our mobile presets are designed for the free Lightroom CC app. 
Q. I'm new to Lightroom, can I still use your presets? 
A. Absolutely! In fact, our mobile presets are designed especially to help those with little editing knowledge achieve beautiful edits in seconds!
Q. Do the presets work on iPhone images?
A. Yes! They work with all image types. Since every image is different not every preset will work on every single photo, you may need to do some slight tweaking after applying the preset to achieve a particular look. This can all be done in the Lightroom app and is very easy to do.
Q. What is the difference between the mobile presets and the desktop presets? 
A. Although the desktop presets are compatible with all image types, they are primarily designed for RAW images taken on DSLR cameras and cannot be used on a mobile phone. The mobile presets are designed especially for JPEG images (iPhone images etc) and are designed to be used as filters for those who want to edit quickly on their phones. The mobile presets do not work on the desktop Lightroom.
Q. How do I import the Mobile Presets?

How to Sync Lightroom Presets to Mobile

You won't be able to sync your presets directly from Lightroom Classic CC directly to the Lightroom CC Mobile App.  You will need to use the Lightroom CC Desktop App as a middle man of sorts to get them there.  If you are a Creative Cloud subscriber, you have access to download this app.

If you have previously installed your presets in the Lightroom CC Desktop Application you are one step ahead.  When you open up the Desktop App after installing or updating both the mobile and desktop Lightroom apps with the current version, your presets should now be automatically synced to the Lightroom CC Mobile App. If you have not previously added presets or want to add some additional presets, follow the steps as outlined below.

1. Make sure you have Lightroom Classic CC and have updated to the April 2018 version or newer.

2. You will also need to download and install the Lightroom CC Desktop App if you don't have it and make sure you have the most current version (at least the June 2018 update). 

3. Launch the Lightroom CC desktop version

4. Go to File>Import Profiles and Presets.  You'll need to navigate to where the .xmp versions of your presets are located.

5. On a Mac, click Command + Shift + G to open the Go To folder and copy and paste this:  ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings

6. To close the presets menu, click the "X".

7. Once you have added a preset and closed the preset menu, you can still make additional adjustments to color or exposure using the all the other options at the bottom of the screen!


To manage your presets in the Lightroom CC Mobile version

1. With a photo open click on the Preset menu at the bottom of the app. 

2. When the Preset menu is open, click on the three dots (. . .) on the top of the screen. 

3. Choose the "Manage Presets" option that will open at the bottom of the screen.

4. Click on the dot next to any of the preset collections you'd like to turn off.  The dot will be on the left. 

5. Click "Done" to save your selections.

  If you have any further questions feel free to send us a DM on my instagram @henryjimenz or an email to and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.